Configuring replication for an individual VM under vSphere Replication 6.1 environment.

I believe you would already be aware that there are two ways of achieving replications.

  • Array based Replication(Storage level)
  • vSphere Replication(Host level or VM level)

I would be configuring replication for a specific VM using VR.


In the current scenario I have chosen a Virtual Machine ReplicationVM. Right click on the VM GoTo All vSphere Replication Option-Configure Replication.



Ideally the VR would be configured across the sites. We would replicate it to a different vCenter.

Click Next



You would find two sites. Select the destination site and click on Next.



Select the vSphere Replication Appliance and click next.



Click on Edit.



Select the destination datastore where VM would be replicated.



Click Next.



RPO would be based on the time you can afford to lose the data in an event of the disaster. Lower the RPO time lower the data loss. But please keep in mind bandwidth utilization would be more as replication would be in progress during that point of time.

Click Next.



Review all the settings and click on finish.



You would now witness the VM replicated to the new site.



GoTo vSphere Replication and Outgoing replications, you would be able to see the replication status.



Once Replication is completed status should prompt OK.


Hope this artcile was helpful.Watchout for more.


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