Configuring vsphere replication 6.5 throws an error message stating “hms.ReplicationManager is not visible from class loader”

Recently I have been going through a lot of cases where customers were complaining they are not able to manage vsphere replication under 6.5 environment.

While configuring new replication or accessing vsphere replication tab they encountered a error message stated below.

 “ is not visible from class loader”

 Since this error was something I have not encountered in the past went through my internal articles and other cases related to this error message, Found the issue was not specific to vsphere replication but to other products like Update Manager vRops as well. So it was evident the issue is not related to VR in specific but to vCenter or web client to be more precise.


At this point of time one of the workaround based on my troubleshooting was to reboot the vCenter as restarting the services did not help either.

Once the vCenter was up we did not encounter this error message anymore and vsphere replication was manageable and we were able to configure new replication successfully.


Currently VMware is working on this issue and it has already been fixed in upcoming release for which tentative date would either be quarter end or beginning of first quarter.

Hope this article was helpful. Watchout for more.

Ritesh Shenoy
Hey, My name is Ritesh Shenoy working a Tech Support Engineer for VMware. Had an idea on blogging tasks faced on my daily basis which would ideally help other on their daily lives.


  1. Hi there, and congrats for your blog.
    I’m facing the same issue, Another possible workaround I found is restarting vRM service from vReplication VAMI.

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