Reconfiguring Array manager under SRM errors out with “storage.fault.CommandFailed.summary”

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Last week I was working on a SRA upgrade for one of the customer. Upgrade was basically from NETAPP 2.1 P1 to 4.0 P1. I did encounter two issues during this process.

First was during installation of the new SRA as it was failing with the below error message.

Initially I assumed the older SRA uninstall process was not completed properly due to which we encountered this issue. I did reboot the server post uninstall but no luck.

Later I realized that UAC was enabled on this server and that was blocking to attempt the installation further.

Steps to disable UAC can be achieved going to below path.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system; key = EnableLUA

The above value would be set to 1. Please modify it to 0 and reboot the server,

That should ideally care take of the above issue.


Second major issue was post upgrading the SRA, When I logged in to the SRM environment I was supposed to reconfigure the array manager in order make SRM aware that there was a change in the SRA component.

I went ahead and reconfigured the array manager to witness the error message stated below.





Fig :error

I have been trying to figure out what changed post SRA upgrade, After spending a healthy 90 minutes it turned out to be a simple issue, I was able to narrow down the issue looking at the SRM logs

–>  ID = 10007556

–>  sraPollOnTask COMPLETED with an error

–>  sraPollOnTask COMPLETED with an error

–> 2018-07-20 14:31:45 Logging: In DiscoverArraysCommand

–>  2018-07-20 14:31:45 NetApp Storage Replication Adapter 4.0 for ONTAP

–>  2018-07-20 14:32:30 The SVM vFiler245b was not found on the ClusterAdmin system VServerBean [uuid=9b955a9d-c907-11e5-b183-00a0989d18cb, name=philly3, id=10007700, connectIpOrHost=x.x.x.x, connectUsername=srmuser, connectSsl=false, allowedProtocols=[]]




–>  ID = 10007556

The vfiler name that was entered under SVM(Fig:error) was certainly right but surprisingly this parameter was case sensitive and F was placed in capital letters due to which SRA was not able to identity the vfiler anymore.

Checked and found in the array manager, vfiler name was displayed as ‘vfiler245b’ instead of “vFiler245b”

Went ahead and pasted it as mentioned in the array manager and we were able to reconfigure the array manager successfully.

Hope this article was helpful. Watch out for more.

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