Creating Network Mappings under SRM 6.0 Environment-Part 3

In the last article we have completed folder mappings. In this article one of the crucial inventory mappings would be discussed that would be Network Mapping. Network mapping configuration needs to be done in a proper manner. In case we failed to do so VM’s failed over on the recovery site may not be accessible across the network.

Please keep in mind SRM’s functionality would be to follow the workflow and not to validate if these mappings are configured in an appropriate way. In case we do not map the network inventory to the right port group VM’s would ideally be not reachable via the network.


Let us go through the steps involved in configured network mapping via web client.

GoTo Home-Site Recovery-Sites-Click on the protected Site. Click on “Create network Mappings”



As mentioned in the previous article these mappings can either be configured automatically or you can map them manually based on your environmental requirements. Click Next



Select the appropriate portgroup to be tagged to the same portgroup at recovery site. This ensures VM’s powered on the recovery site would be accessible via network. Click on Add Mappings to achieve this step. Click Next.



During the test recovery SRM would create a isolated network called the bubble network. During the actual disaster it would actually map those portgroups configured during network mapping. If you explicitly assign test networks, Site Recovery Manager connects recovered virtual machines to a test network. If virtual machine network assignment is Auto, Site Recovery Manager assigns virtual machines to temporary networks that are not connected to any physical network. Click Next.



Go ahead and configure reverse mappings from DR site to protected site whichever is applicable. Click Next.



Click on Finish.

Mappings have been completed.You would be able to view the mapped networks and can be edited if necessary once created.



We have witnessed configuring Network Mappings. In the upcoming article we would go ahead and configure placeholder datastores under inventory mappings.

Hope this article was helpful. Watch out for more.



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