Upgrading vSphere Replication to build 7026558 from previous version fails or gets hung indefinitely

This blog post has been written on a public demand as we have been receiving lots of such cases in context to upgrade failure while upgrading the vsphere replication to build 7026558.


As of now VMware does not have any official document stating that vSphere replication should be previously running on 6.1.2 in order to perform a successful upgrade to

Yes that is true, I did not have any success rate with upgrading the VR from 6.1.x to apart from 6.1.2 which is the only version compatible to be upgraded to


When you try upgrading from any version apart from 6.1.2, It stays in a below state for hours unless you manually don’t terminate it.

The best procedure would be to revert to the snapshot you have taken prior to the upgrade (Recommended). There is a high possibility that this upgrade can break your appliance and if you do not have a snapshot you may end up deploying the appliance from scratch.


So coming to the same conclusion as mentioned above at this point in time please perform an upgrade to if and only if the previous version is running on 6.1.2. Incase you are running on a below version first upgrade the appliance to 6.1.2 as per upgrade mentioned over VMware Interoperability Matrix and then upgrade to accordingly.

Hope this article was helpful. Watch out for more.

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