Upgrade sequence when you have SRM/VR registered to vCenter Server 6.0.

It is quite often whenever users upgrade the environment they do not follow the right sequence to upgrade wild card products such as SRM, vsphere replication and they further end up breaking the current environment.

In this article we will discuss on points to be considered when upgrading your vCenter server to 6.5 where you have SRM and VR registered as an external solutions.


VMware has provided a wonderful KB article that explains the exact sequence that needs to be followed before planning for any upgradation from 6.0 to 6.5.

Before you plan for any upgrade always ensure to refer the VMware product interoperability guide.This guide clearly explains the compatible version these products need to be in order to stay connected and stable.


Assuming vCenter server is currently on 6.0 update 2 above screenshot would clearly explain you on which respective build one is supposed to be in order to stay compatible with vCenter server version.

Please keep in mind based on vCenter version you would be upgrading to you need to ensure you plan the compatible build for SRM and VR accordingly.


If you have SRM solution installed in your environment, the supported patch update sequence is:

  1. If applicable, upgrade the External vCenter Single Sign-On / Platform Services Controller instance
  2. Upgrade vCenter Server
  3. Upgrade vSphere Replication
  4. Upgrade vCenter Site Recovery Manager
  5. Upgrade ESXi

In case of array based replication(ABR) please find the below article to find the SRA’s based on the type of storage used in your environment compatible with SRM build.


I hope this article was helpful. Watch out for more.



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