Step by Step procedure on upgrading windows vCenter 5.5 to windows vCenter 6.5

Since 6.5 is already out in the market, you would obviously be looking forward to upgrade your environment.

Let me help you further in providing a step by step process of upgrading your 5.5 windows vCenter to windows vCenter 6.5.

Mount the iso downloaded from VMware portal and follow the below procedure to proceed further.

Click autorun



Click on vCenter server for windows. Click Install.


Click Next.



Accept the License agreement and Click Next.




Provide your current SSO credentials i.e administrator@vsphere.local




Below information indicates my embedded SQL express environment would be migrated to vPostgres environment.




Leave all the ports default if not modified earlier and click next.




If you are looking to carry the performance statistics along with tasks and events you can proceed selecting the third option else if you need only configuration data then proceed with the first option.

Click Next.




Leave the paths default if not changed earlier.

Click Next.




Click Next




Review the information and click on Upgrade.




Note: Always ensure to take a snapshot of the server if it is a virtual machine and DB backup before proceeding with any upgrades.

Upgrade begins ! It would ideally remove the existing 5.5 components inturn installing the 6.5 components.




Upgrade has been successfully completed. Launch the web client to ensure all the data is intact.



Note: From 6.5 onwards we do not have vsphere client (Thick Client) vCenter would be managed by web client and host directly can be managed by host client.




Hope this article was helpful.


Ritesh Shenoy
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